About Us

Hi Madly Babes!

Brinley and Shanell here. We have both always had a passion for clothing and styling and realized when we became friends that we were sorta style soul mates. It only made sense to team up and get to work finding high quality, unique styles at affordable prices. 

We believe that everything you do in life you should do with a passion. People are never more beautiful then when they are talking about something they really love with passion in their eyes. That is how the vision for Madly & Co was born. We really believe that in life, and in style, you should "do it madly, or not at all". So our promise to you is to "madly" work to hand-pick the best styles. We commit that product will never be over-saturated, it will stay unique, and we won't drag you through pages and pages of product. 

Most importantly, we will go "mad" to make you happy and want to hear your feedback, what you love, what items you want to see more of, and what makes you tick!  We want to bring that Madly & Co passion to your wardrobe in a way that would make Marie Kondo proud, and insure that everything in your closet "brings you joy!".


Shanell & Brinley